Friday, April 01, 2016

3-D Flowers!

Our day campers made these 3-D flower vases using simple paper sculpture techniques. 

First we cut out and decorated our vases and glued down just one side. Then we cut and glue down our stems and leaves, being careful to keep the bottoms of the stems within the center of the black paper. Then we made each type of flower, using the paper sculpting techniques shown in the poster below.  Most of our flowers involved rolls, cones, curling, tabs, and fringes. We also added spirals inside the bluebells. 

We glued all of the flowers to the stems, then glued down the other side of the vase over the flower stems. Wa-laa! A lovely vase full of beautiful flowers!

Our 3-D wall poster shows all of the paper-sculpting techniques, which makes it super easy for kids to create their own paper relief projects. Here is our poster, if you would like to make one of your own for your children or classroom. 

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