Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with ART!

 Leprechauns! Rainbows! Shamrocks! Good luck! GOLD! 

What do these things all have in common?   St. Patrick's Day, of course. But also - fantastic incentives and ideas for ART-MAKING! Here are a few of our favorites.

Build a Leprechaun Trap! This *STEAM project involves the designing and hands-on crafting of a working trap, then decorating it so as to entice a leprechaun to enter the trap! This is a great project for any age - even the youngest makers can build a leprechaun trap with an assistant's help. This printable pdf guide will help you design and build your own Leprechaun Trap!

* STEAM = Science + Technology + Engineering + ART + Math

Draw a Leprechaun!  Any child who loves art and has Internet access is likely familiar with Art Hub for Kids - a series of fun follow-along drawing lessons for children on Youtube and Youtube for Kids.

Rob, the art teacher, is dad to four kids of his own, one of whom draws right alongside him in each episode. This Leprechaun Folding Surprise is just one of many leprechauns you can draw along with Rob. If you want to draw lots of Leprechauns, you can also draw a Folded Leprechaun Puppet,  a Cartoon Leprechaun,  a Leprechaun Puppy, a Cute Girl Leprechaun, and more!   

Zendoodle a Shamrock!  Learn to Zendoodle any object on our previous post right here

Tip: Shamrocks are the perfect object to Zendoodle! You can even cut them out and attach to a beautiful rainbow background. 

Create a Romero Britto Patterned Shamrock! Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist who enjoys adding bold patterns and colors to ordinary objects. Learn how to make a Britto-style Shamrock at Deep Space Sparkle for a step-by-step video and a drawing guide. You can also download our printable pdf Britto lesson guide for this art project.

Younger artists will want to Paint a Rainbow, of course! Visit our our previous post to see more student samples. 
To get your young artist started, download this printable pdf lesson as well as our rainbow paintbox handout.


Next up, our favorite Easter & Spring Art ideas!