Friday, February 25, 2022

Frolicking Snowmen!


What do snowmen do at night? 

They have FUN!

Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and sledding! 

Rollicking, windblown snowmen, top hats and snowballs flying through the freezing wintery night!

Ahhh! Is this paradise? 

What could be better for a snowman family than a house made of ice?

These 12" x 18" artworks consists of soft pastels and pastel pencils on blue construction paper. See our original post, Snowmen Having Fun for details about how to create this artwork.

Friday, February 18, 2022

More Painted Hearts

This week in honor of Valentine's Day, we created these fun Painted  Hearts! 

This Paint Like the Masters lesson has grown to be one or our favorites. Our hearts are (loosely) painted like those of Jim Dine, a contemporary American artist who has painted oodles of colorful, playful abstract hearts,  many of which are gigantic!

Most of our hearts were painted on small  7-1/2 by 9 inch poster board, which was great because it allowed us more time to paint more hearts! 

We used liquid tempera paint for these heart paintings, but this project also works well with cake temperas, watercolors, and oil pastels. 

You can also go with mixed media; you can start by roughly outlining with oil pastels, then adding the paint of your choice. 

The main thing is to be playful and have fun making these awesome painted hearts!

Check out this step-by-step painting lesson in our original 2020 post: Painted Hearts. And here's a printable step-by-step pdf of this lesson. Have fun!