Monday, September 14, 2015


Here is one of our favorite projects! Great fun; beautiful projects to take home and show off!

Several of the kids made these as gifts and wrapped them up in studio before taking them out the door.

The mosaic at the top right is a "sampler," literally using one of each mosaic material.

Others use some form of loose repetition in color, shape or design, and others are very symmetrical such as the red and black frame or the green oval design shown below.

We simply white-glued the broken dish pieces and other mosaic materials to a wood shape and allowed it to dry over night.

Then we used plaster of Paris as grouting material. Wipe it over the tiles, filling in all spaces thoroughly, wipe of the excess; then when dry, wipe again and polish with a soft cloth. Optional: Paint the side edges and back of the piece.

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