Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Amazing Autumn Leaves!

Autumn colors are so awesome, 
I just love fall! It's also a great time to spark ideas for some beautiful artwork, and this past fall we came up with a real winner. 

These gorgeous patterned leaves are a multi-media project using oil pastels, watercolor, and Sharpies. I also provided a large chart of basic leaf shapes for the students to choose from when drawing their own leaves (lightly in pencil). 

We divided the leaves into sections using oil pastels and proceeded to draw in patterns of different styles and colors in each area. We added another pattern to the background and a few more edges around each leaf as well. Then, using a wet on wet technique, we painted the whole thing with watercolor, allowing the oil pastels to "resist" the paint. Finally, after the paint was completely dry, we outlined the leaf and it's sections one more time with a black Sharpie. 

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