Wednesday, March 02, 2016

March Classes - Paint Your ART Out!

This month, we are going to try something just a little bit different. Each two-hour March class will focus on a popular contemporary artist! Each week, we will learn about a famous artist's imagery, media, and technique while creating a painting using that artist's method and style. Check out our schedule below... which artist's style would you like to try for yourself?

All projects are designed for ages 8 and up; no previous painting instruction or experience is required. We will be using temperas, acrylics, and/or watercolors. We may also incorporate collage, computer graphics, pastels, and other media into our work, depending upon the project.

Day: Thursdays
Time: 4:30-6:30 pm 
Ages: 8 and up - adults are welcome!
Fees: $15 per class or $60 for the full month (five class sessions this month)

March 3

Paul Cezanne - Fresh fruit, anyone?

Learn to create a simple still life using fruit plus at least one prop, Cezanne style!  We will work drawing with overlapping, tints and shades for highlights and shading, and use of strong, yet harmonious color. 

March 10

David Hockney - Where’s my chair?

Learn to pursue uncommon images for art using interesting viewpoints, distortion, color, and pattern to make a subject more energetic and expressive. Play with color and background!

March 17

Andy Warhol - Me, Myself, and I

Learn to create interesting altered images, and duplicate! Then use collage and layering techniques to create a unique self-portrait masterpiece in the style of this iconic pop artist!

March 24

Terence Clarke - Glorious spring flowers!

Learn to use patterns, shapes, and colors to create a striking floral still life. Practice laying and overlapping techniques, using harmonious color choices, and thick, strong painterly strokes just like this amazing artist

March 31

Wayne Thiebaud - Cake, cupcakes, & pie - oh my!

Learn basic geometric design while creating your dessert! Practice mixing and applying tints and shades to produce bulk, form, and realism to your tasty treat.

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