Saturday, February 11, 2017

ART Hearts!

We had so much fun creating our Jim Dine style ART Hearts mixed media paintings! We used this unusual heart art by Jim Dine as our model:  

The Handkerchief, 1993
(woodcut and etching, hand-colored) 

The heart on the right was my interpretation of the project using our media:

bleeding art tissue paper

red acrylic paint

black and white pastels

This piece is the demonstration that I did in class. Can you see the differences?

The students loved this project because it involved an unusual combination of media to create a truly mixed media piece! Also it was kind of messy and you didn't really have to plan much - just let the media do its thing. We liked how we could make it a little funky or grungy - it has sort of a graffiti look.

This great art project idea came from Edna Lemm at Do Art! Thanks for sharing, Edna!

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