Monday, August 28, 2017

Concoctions, Slime, and Sand - Oh No!

Messy, crazy fun! That's what this week was all about.

We made flubber, and then we had flubber races (which we discovered are very, very slow - like watching paint dry).

We also pounded it, squished it, and cut it with scissors. Flubber is a polymer, which we decided is a liquid AND and solid too!

Our older campers made galaxy slime!
They also made sand castings, which they then painted.

We squirted water on bleeding tissue to make tissue paintings that looked like stained glass!

The we added glitter after they were dry (just for more messy fun!)

We painted with puffy paint, then we microwaved it!

(Funny - after we were done, everyone was in the mood for pancakes!)

We also made Artists Trading Cards (ATCs), some of which are shown here.

Notice the lovely blended subtle colors and bold lines! These were drawn with Sharpies on coffee filters, then colored with crayola markers and sprayed with water! After they dried, we used the ATC template to trace a card shape over the best part of each design, cut it out, and glue to cardstock.

This is not all we did during concoctions week. The last project deserves a post all of its own! Hint: Whirls and Swirls!

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