Monday, March 05, 2018

Little Squirrel Portraits

Aren't these the cutest squirrels EVER? 

Our Friday afternoon Art Kids created these fluffy tailed little creatures while learning to see from another perspective - that of a small squirrel. The trees were drawn and textured with oil pastels. They are large at the bottom and tiny at the top to show size and distance compared to the little squirrel. 

The background colors were then added with liquid watercolors painted right over the oil pastel for a resist affect, and the leaves in the upper trees were lightly added with sponges and tempera paint.

Each student was then given two pieces of brown construction paper (two different shades). The squirrels' tails were drawn on one piece and filled in with oil pastel, using lots of "squirrel tail" colors and lines. 

On the other piece of brown paper, the children drew basic sketches of their squirrels in pencil by following along with me. Then they added their own outlines, details, colors, and squirrel "personalities" with oil pastels. 

The squirrels and the tails were then cut out, glued together as desired, and then glued to the bottom of the painted background.

We had a variety of squirrel photos displayed as references to help our artists select colors and observe details and textures in the fur.



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