Saturday, April 13, 2019

Easter Egg Hunt!

The Easter Bunny hid these beautifully decorated Easter Eggs in the grass!

Can you find them?

This is a mixed media project for ages 4 and up.

First the artists traced a large egg template at least four times on a large sheet of sulphite paper. This ensured that the eggs will not be drawn too small.

Then each egg was decorated using a different medium or technique:

Zendoodle: markers and watercolor

Wax resist: crayons and watercolor

Tempera: liquid tempera paint

Choice: soft pastel, stickers, washi tape, any combination of media

Our Little Artists really enjoyed this project because it is so process-based. They learned new skills while exploring different media, all in one painting!

The next step was to hide the finished eggs in the grass! We used six different greens to create our grass, and some of the kids mixed even more greens!

Adding washi tape was really fun for our younger artists. This artist planned his washi tape designs very carefully.

For some, washi tape was sticky and stipy and really awesome and it didn't even matter if the tape fit the eggs at all!

Our older artists spent a bit more time on their Easter egg designs and patterns. They also incorporated overlapping of the eggs in the layout of their compositions. 

They repeated some of the techniques used in the original three egg designs while combining various media in new ways - such as rubbing soft pastel into an egg, then adding stickers or washi tape stripes, or using Sharpies and a bit of watercolor for their Zendoodle designs. 

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