Friday, June 07, 2019

Outer Space Art!

This week we created         

Outer Space Art!!!

We painted galaxies, planets, moons, nebulae, stars, space dust, comets, and space travelers!

This was step-by-step mixed media art project that involved lots of fun processes, techniques, and art media - beginning with smash painting! We smeared various colors of liquid tempera paint on a variety of smooth plastic lids, which we smashed and swirled to a piece of paper to create our planets. We also traced a few lids to fill with wet-on-wet watercolor for some of our planets. 

While our planets dried, we sponged liquid tempera paint diagonally across a piece of black poster board to create our galaxy. Then we added white to our sponges and did it again, then a bit of black to add the shadows and darkness of space. 

Next, we splattered our space painting with white tempera paint using a toothbrush and then again by tapping two long paintbrushes together. 

We cut out our dried planets and arranged them in our solar system. A few artists created a larger planet or moon to place at the bottom of the piece in the foreground for added dimension. 

The next step was to create a collage space traveler of some sort. This might be a rocket ship, a flying saucer, or a silly space alien. Artists could use any materials they desired to create this element. 

Finally, everything was arranged or rearranged and glued to our space art. Then any additional elements were added such as rings, comets, or distant galaxies. White and metallic Sharpies worked great for this step!

Check out our amazing Space Art!

Not to be left out, our Little Artists made these Space Aliens!!!

First they painted a spaceship - strangely similar to a snow globe. Then they designed a Space Alien of any shape, color(s), texture, and any number of eyes that they could dream up! 

Lastly, they added a few collage elements such as shiny washi tape or punch-out lights to finish the spaceship. 

Then they cut out their Space Aliens so they could play with them!

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