Saturday, October 19, 2019

More Spooky Art!

Imagine - a whole month for Halloween art! The kids are having a great time using the studio as their own to create any Halloween art project they wish.

A few of our home schoolers brought pumpkins to carve. 

This little artist created a scary/silly pumpkin man, as well as a few Halloween drawings, such as this jack-o-lantern and a spooky blue ghost.

Another artist who painted an owl in oil pastels last week decided to use this medium again, this time creating a menacing black cat! 

These artists made Halloween Blockheads

These are holiday decorations made from scraps of wood, acrylic craft paint, fun foam, and other odds & ends.

This is a project we do almost every year because the kids enjoy adding to their collections for future Halloweens.

Here is a spooky pumpkin patch in the moonlight. In this oil pastel painting, the pumpkins were created separately and blended with baby oil on a Q-tip. Then they were cut out and placed in the original scene. 

This is a simple craft project called the Cozy Cat. Her paws are cut so that she can hold anything seasonal, like a pumpkin, a cup of hot chocolate, or maybe a Christmas gift for a cute (and versatile!) holiday decoration.

Here is another Picasso monster! This artist had a great time finding ways to make this one really scary, including blue bolts of electricity!

This is an interesting spider web in the grass. Apparently it catches yellow bats - or does it??? 

Also notice also the cute purple Halloween bookmark.

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