Wednesday, November 27, 2019


Also known as SQUASH books, these little masterpieces can fit in the palm of your hand... 

...until they are opened and BOOM! They EXPLODE with spectacular ART!

This is a multi-step project that took us three hours to complete.

The artist first creates a large piece of abstract art. We used watercolors, Sharpies, and metallic markers to make our 12" by 18" artwork.

While the paintings dry, artists construct their exploding art books. You'll need heavy cardboard, origami or scrap book paper, black paper, ribbon, tape, and glue sticks. You can find video instructions for assembling the book at the Amsler Art Room.

Once the book is assembled, the artwork is cut into twelve squares 3-3/4" x 3-3/4" each. One is chosen to glue to the cover, four are glued inside the book, and 6 more are cut in half diagonally to glue into the book. (You will have one square left over, which might be cut up and creatively glued to the back of the book.)

The best part is opening the book for the first time to see your own EXPLODING ART masterpiece!!! 

The next best part is SHARING it with someone else!
Here are my samples.
           These are sometimes called Squash Books because they                 do not open and close, they open and SQUASH!
More Squash Books below! 
These were created by home schoolers.

 Joseph used a rubber band and a bead to hold his book together.
  Good idea!

This is Italia's Squash Book. Nice!

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