Saturday, December 21, 2019

More Christmas Cars!

More Christmas Cars!

We created this Christmas Car project two years ago, and it was so much fun I thought my new students would enjoy it as well! 

This project is a good introduction to illustration art. It is not intended to be realistic, but at the same time it involves using symmetry to draw a car as well as a number of different artistic techniques. 

We started by folding our paper in half and drawing 1/2 of our car with black oil pastel. Then we folded it back in half and rolled over it with a brayer. 

When we unfolded it we could see the faint outline of our car on the white side of the paper! 

We went over the lines with our oil pastel to complete our car. Then  we drew in Christmasy details such as a wreath or bow over the grill, a Christmas tree, and stacks of gifts! 

Next we painted our cars and everything else with cake tempera paint, and we added silver tempera paint to the chrome bumper and grill.     

We filled in the background with tinted color (by adding white to our paint) and we splattered the painting to create snow. 

This painting was fun, but our artists really had fun splattering their artwork!

Created by a 5-year-old, this Christmas car has a Rudolf nose on the grill!!!

You can find detailed instructions for this project at
Deep Space Sparkle.

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