Wednesday, March 18, 2020

How To Catch a Leprechaun!

Do you know how to catch a leprechaun? 

Our young makers seem to have it all figured out. They designed and built these clever leprechaun traps! 

The first step is to decide what type of trap to build. Then the maker must find the right materials, assemble the trap, and test it until it works. 

The next step is to decorate the trap so that it is attractive or enticing to a leprechaun. What do leprechauns like? 

Shiny things.

How does one bait a leprechaun trap? We used gold coins, pots of gold, and (what else) Lucky Charms! 

Then we used signs and arrows to make sure the leprechaun is tricked into the trap!

Here we have a bottle trap. It is filled with gold coins, but once the leprechaun falls in, there's no way out!!!

Here is a drop (or falling) trap.  The leprechaun is tricked into grabbing the gold and down comes the trap! (He has no idea this is a trap because of the sign.)

We have several leprechaun hat traps. At least they LOOK like hats.  They actually have a cleverly disguised hole on the top that the leprechaun will fall through. Then the hat becomes a deep pit!!!

This is a net trap that is triggered by a button inside the trap. The keys act as weights that pull the net down over the trap!


More pit traps! This one is baited with gold, gold, gold!

This one is baited with lots of Lucky Charms, and the promise of a Free Treasure!

More Free Gold, plus other shiny treasures to tempt our leprechaun!

Here we have fun little rainbow path, magically delicious marshmallow morsels, and a Free FUN Slide! 

What leprechaun could resist??? 

This trap employs a trap door full of enticing and tempting goodies.

Here we have another trap door, this time entering a tube trap. 

Oh no!!!

A 4-year-old invented this trap. 

Not sure how it works, but it's very enticing, right?

Our leprechaun will want to climb this ladder to get the gold - then he'll fall through the tube and into the box!


Same idea here, and with such a colorful box, how could any leprechaun resist???

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