Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Make COOL Snowman Art!

Without enough (or any) snow, it's difficult to build a proper snowman, right??? 

No worries! Make snowman art! 

In this post you'll find some of our favorite snowman-themed art projects. 

These are unique ways to create snowman art that you may have never thought of before. You will use a variety of art media while seeing snowmen a whole new way!

Build a Giant Snowman!

What makes this snowman look so BIG? Imagine you are a bug looking UP at this snowman. An ordinary snowman would look very LARGE, wouldn’t it?

It's a matter of perspective, or how we view something. A thing can look quite different from above, from below, close up, and from far away! So let’s learn how to make a snowman that looks really, really big! Take a look here and here to see our past weblogs about how to create a giant snowman.

Here is a two-page printable step-by-step pdf project guide

Paper Snow Globe

This snowman lives in a paper snow globe complete with a small wintery scene and a snow storm! All you need is a set of oil pastels, blue construction paper, and a strip of black poster board for a snow globe stand.

Here is a printable step-by-step pdf project guide for this project. 

Snowman 'Scoops'

Here's a special, delicious take on snowman art - Snowman Scoops! Also known as Scoopy the Snowman, this mixed media project is great fun for young artists in the early elementary grades. To 'get the scoop' on this project, visit our Snowman Scoops weblog post right here.

Here is a printable step-by-step pdf project guide.

Snowmen Having FUN!

What do snowmen do while you are sleeping? Read the book Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn and Mark Buehner to find out!!! (You can find it at the library or at Once Upon a Story, right here!)

Then, use your imagination to create your own nighttime snowman adventures!  Take a look at our weblog post for some awesome snowman adventure ideas to get you started.

Here is a printable step-by-step pdf project guide

How to Make a 6-pointed Snowflake

What are snowmen made of? Lots and lots of SNOWFLAKES!  
Did you know that each and every snowflake has six points or sides? We decided to include instructions for making your own 6-pointed paper snowflakes!

Click here to view a short step-by-step video. You can also print out this step-by-step pdf project guide.

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