Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Nature Studies

This summer, our first classes and camps focused on nature studies and scientific illustration. Our 'outdoor studio' made this theme an obvious choice for us! 

For example, we often meet under a very large evergreen tree, so our first scientific illustration subject was pine cones, of course! We examined a variety of pinecones, including tiny ones and a few that are almost a foot long! 

We focused on color and texture while using different types of painting techniques to complete our artwork. This artist added a crow, which is commonly seen in the tree we were studying. 

Next, we explored our green space and selected additional objects for our nature studies.  

Artists could choose from markers, temperas, watercolors, pastels, or colored pencils for their illustrations. 

This artist labeled all of her carefully rendered illustrations.  

The artist below used oil pastels to paint similarly colored objects - a rose and cherries) for an interesting piece of art.

Our thanks to Painted Paper Art for the pinecone nature study lesson idea.

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