Saturday, August 14, 2021

Awesome Abstract Art!

Every summer I SO look forward to August art classes. Why?

Because it's Abstract Art month at the Blackfoot Art Center! Our young artists have learned that abstract art is FUN to look at and super FUN to create. 

What could be better than that?

These layered abstract paintings were created on heavy 140 lb watercolor paper. The format is  relatively 
large, 18"x18," which kids love! 

Prior to painting our masterpieces, I taped the edges to create nice white borders. 

We began by cutting painted paper scraps and collaging them to the surface. 

Then we blocked in the basic design with tempera paint using warm or cool colors. 

We then added more cut painted paper, then painted again using the same or the opposite color palette. We also added neutral colors - greys that we mixed by combining two complementary colors and white.

The final step was adding black tempera for a bit of definition and contrast. 

Some artists added a lot of outlining and detail work.


Others used black to add completely new design elements and patterns right over their painted composition. 

Either way works... there is no right or wrong way to create abstract art!

After everything dried, we removed the taped border and...   WOW!

Yes, this piece is mine. I made one too. How could I resist??

                     Our thanks to the Art Bar for this fabulous                        ABSTRACT art painting idea.

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