Thursday, February 25, 2021

Our Favorite 'Heart Art'

During the month of February we enjoy exploring new ways to create HEART artwork. Here are four of our favorite HEART ART projects:

'Follow Your Heart' painting

This is a "free painting" art project using tempera paint on small sheets of white poster board. Young artists will practice color mixing, brushwork, and pattern design, while creating a fun and interesting painting!

See more about Painted Hearts in our previous post.

You can also download our printable step-by-step pdf.

Paper Mosaic Heart

Make a beautiful mosaic heart using cut paper and glitter tape on black paper hearts. It really is easier than it looks, and a fun project for working with fine motor skills. Here is our previous post of the full lesson.  

Here is a downloadable printable lesson pdf for this project. 

Floating Heart

Kids love unusual art media and processes, so these mixed media Jim Dine-style hearts are extra enjoyable to create. In fact, they are so much fun, we have done them several times at the art studio! You can see all of our creations and how we made them here, here, and here.

We also have a downloadable step-by-step instructional pdf that you can print out, too.

Painted Heart collages

This is another Jim Dine inspired 'heart art' project that's all about open-ended art processes. Paint, draw, stamp, scribble, using just about any media. Let everything dry, then cut out your hearts and glue, combining positive and negative heart shapes in each piece. See our previous weblog post for more student samples. 

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