Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Celebrating Polar Bears!

Who doesn't love polar bears? 

During the past few years, we have created a variety of polar bear-themed works of art to celebrate International Polar Bear Day on February 27. 

If you love polar bears as much as we do, you might want to try some of these polar bear art ideas yourself!

Great Big Polar Bears!

Our preschoolers were so excited to paint these BIG polar bears! All we needed was 22" x 28" blue poster board, black and white tempera paint, water, a big flat brush for the white paint, and a round brush for black details and outlines. 

Mixed Media Polar Bears

These fuzzy little polar bears were created using chalk, soft pastels, oil pastels, a splattered watercolor background, and collage techniques. 

Each little bear has a unique personality!

Polar Bear Mommas

These polar bear mommas and cubs are so sweet, and also colorful! We discovered reflected colors in the fur of polar bears and used our artistic license to show those colors. Fun fact: polar bear fur actually has no white pigment at all; each hair is hollow. Look closely and you'll actually see all sorts of reflected colors in polar bear coats, from oranges and pinks to yellows, blues, and violets.

Polar Bears in the Arctic

These polar bears are wandering the Arctic under the Northern Lights, which are made of blended soft pastels on black construction paper. We completed the background and while it dried we drew our bears, cut them out and glued them into their cold arctic homes.

Polar Bear Portraits in Soft Pastel 

Our homeschoolers created these furry polar bears with white soft pastels on black construction paper.  Then they cut them out and glued them to icy winter backgrounds that were made with wet-on-wet watercolor techniques and salt.

We hope you'll celebrate polar bears with us through your art! You might also want to consider supporting wildlife conservation organizations, which work hard to save some of the world's most endangered species - including these amazing arctic mammals. 

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