Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Polar Bear Art!

To celebrate International Polar Bear Day (yes, that's a thing), our home schoolers made polar bear art! 

This artwork is created with soft white pastels and charcoal on black construction paper. When completed, the bear is carefully cut out and glued to a painted watercolor/salt background, which we painted at the beginning of class (to give it time to dry and allow the salt to do its job).



Now I'm not going to say that all of these animals look like polar bears. We had quite a time examining the bearlike features of polar bears and worked hard to duplicate them in our art, but also had a good laugh as we created these creatures, which could have been many different animals along the way - a goat, a badger, a prairie dog, and so on and so forth. We may not have ended up with polar bears, but we did practice working with shading and highlighting and creating animal-like features. 

We like our little critters! 


This last one is a simplified version made by a 7-year-old member of our homeschool art club. Now THIS looks like a polar bear... and also a little like the cute little artist! 

All of the artwork shown above was created by our teenage home schoolers.

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