Friday, January 18, 2019

Ice Skaters!

One of our favorite winter art projects is the Skating Legs! 

Creating this mixed media project is a step-by-step process that's also a lot of fun! 

We learned a bit about anatomy (the legs), tried our hand at fashion design (leg attire and skates), and followed step-by-step directions (a valuable skill) to put it all together.

          It was especially fun to build the skates and then lace them! 

To make your own Skating Legs, take a look at our ice skaters post right here. And you can see even more skating leg art here

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Such a Deer!

This week we created these beautiful paintings of a deer in the winter forest.

For inspiration we observed resource photos of white tailed deer and other types of deer such as the one below.  

Sometimes I display the art of a famous or contemporary artist as well. In this case, I created my own art sample for additional artistic motivation. I kinda like it!

This are 12" x 16" tempera paintings on heavyweight sulphite construction paper to provide a lovely tinted background. 

We had three goals for this painting. The first was to mix tints of all colors used to provide a frosty winter forest scene. The second goal was to carefully observe our deer subject as we render it and fill in at least three shades of brown/tan. Our final goal was to create antlers that were symmetrical in shape and size.

There is such a huge difference in art styles! I love the variation in colors and the interesting backgrounds.

These artists are 6 to 14 years old. 

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Cub Scout Paint Night

This week we had a group of Bear and Webelos Scouts come in to paint. 

Our first activity was an art scavenger hunt. In this way they became familiar with the studio and different types of artwork on display. 

Then we learned how to paint winter birch trees in watercolor.

Same instructions, completely different outcomes.

I love how each painting is unique and  expresses the individual painter's personality. I wish I could have gotten an individual picture of every single painting before they went out the door!

Here's a group photo:

Sunday, January 06, 2019

Giant Snowmen!

We built these giant snowmen!

And we also learned about perspectiveThat is, you can look at something ordinary in a whole new way - even from the view of a worm!

We used a watercolor wash to paint the background, and oil pastels to add the snowman's details.

The best part: we learned how to use washable markers like watercolors! Draw with them, then paint with water over them, and they will "bleed" colors.

We used black markers to draw our snowmen that bled blue, turquoise, and mostly greenWe decided these snowmen are very realistic - they are full of grass, leaves, and pine needles -  just like real snowmen!

Saturday, January 05, 2019

The Snowy North

Here are some more versions of one of our favorite winter projects: the Snowy North.

This is a mixed media project with lots of steps and processes.

These artists chose the wolf and the mountain lion for their animal silhouettes.  

Madi is practicing with the fan brush before painting in her evergreen tree silhouettes. The goal was to build a natural tree shape in the correct size for the painting with an unfamiliar brush.  

Before painting in the trees, we added an animal using a template. Many went with the wolf shape, and some of them rendered it further to look like a fox.

The last step is to add your favorite quote about snow.

You can see how this project is created on our 2017 Snowy North post. 

Friday, January 04, 2019

The Grinch!

The Grinch is still trying to steal Christmas!

This is a simplified children's art class version of our Grinchy canvas painting. 

Instead of acrylic paint, we used mixed media to create this artwork.

We started by drawing the Grinch's arm in pencil on black construction paper; just the basic shapes. 

Then we painted the sooty red sleeve with the white fur and added a bit of gray to it. We used tempera paint for this.

Next, we painted the Grinch's hand green. After that we layered a mixture of yellow-green with a bristle brush, using a dry brush technique to create a furry texture. Then we did it again with yellow.  

While our paint dried, we made a big round ornament on heavy white paper. We used oil pastel, choosing three shades of one color and blending with a finger. Then we cut it out.   

We BROKE the ornament by cutting it and removing a piece from the center. We glued it to the black background just beneath the hand, and added a metallic (Sharpie) hanger and white shiny marks to make the ornament look like glass.

This Grinch has had a busy night; the fur is falling from his jacket!
The fur texture on the Grinch's hand is tricky and fun to create.