Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Georgia O'Keefe Flowers!

American artist Georgia O'Keefe painted flowers from the inside out, you could say. She painted something very small in a very large format. In addition, she usually painted just a portion of the flower so that you could see the tiniest structures in great detail.

For this project, we selected a flower that we liked and masked off just a small section of it to paint. Then we enlarged that section to a 9 x 12 piece of black construction paper, on which we created our flower using soft pastels. We used our fingers and Q-tips to soften and blend our colors or to slightly remove color to create lines, shadows, and detail.

Monday, August 08, 2016

Cactus Gardens!

This beautiful mixed media cactus gardens are ink drawings that have been filled with watercolor.

This is a great way to teach students to plan a composition, gain confidence with ink (Sharpies), blend a background using two or more analogous colors, and plan a color scheme. It is also a great way to encourage using the watercolor palette lid for mixing watercolors instead of simply painting with the colors directly out of the pans. I asked the students to mix a variety of greens to paint the various types of cacti, after observing from photos how different each color was.

By the way, I have found that Prang watercolors are the best for teaching beginning watercolor. They are super bright and radiant, and are affordable (but not cheap).

Saturday, August 06, 2016

Flower Sketching in Watercolor and Ink

This week we worked on watercolor and ink flower sketching in both ART Camp and in our Thursday afternoon paining class.

This can be done in the studio while observing fresh flowers or from photos. Even better, watercolor flower sketches can be create plein air - right on the spot! You can take a hike and create wildflower sketches in your sketchbook or sit out in your garden and do the same.

All you need is a bottle of water, a cup to put it in, a brush, and  your paint pans. It's really a great way to quickly fill in your colors than using all those colored pencils or pastels - and a lot easier to carry with you. (Although, we did add a bit of oil pastel within our flowers here and there for an added resist effect prior to painting.)

We used a black Sharpie pen to create the basic sketch before filling in the shapes with watercolor. It is okay to lightly sketch your basic shapes in pencil first, but we learned right away that the pens aren't as intimidating as they seem, and we often ignore our pencil lines when re-sketching in ink. A great lesson in gaining self-confidence as an artist!

After painting in our backgrounds, we added a bit of salt to add more interest and fun to our work. The flowers were painted in as the last step.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Swimmy Fish!

More Pets!

These little people made Swimmy Fish at ART Camp!


They painted their fish bowl homes, then the created their colorful fish, which were attached to the bowl with bits of accordion folded paper. Waa-La! Genuine 3D swimmy fish!!!!

The girls standing on either side of the campers are Kayli and Taylor, two of our wonderful summer ART Camp volunteers!

August Classes - Paint Your ART Out!

Join us in August to learn floral painting techniques!

Our August schedule (shown below) includes watercolor and ink sketching, an acrylic painting on canvas, mixed media, and a Georgia O'Keefe-style pastel painting. Try them all!

All of these projects are designed for ages 9 and up; no previous painting instruction or experience is required. 

Day: Thursdays
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm (sometimes until 6:30 for longer projects)
Ages: 8 and up - adults are welcome!
Fees: $15 per class or $50 for the full month ( save $10!)

August 4    

Floral Watercolor Sketching

Learn to sketch a variety of flowers in watercolor and ink

August 11    

Floral Still Life Painting

Acrylic canvas painting, from observation of a floral still life.

August 18    

Whimsical Flowers

Mixed media painting on natural wood.

August 25    

Georgia O'Keefe Floral Painting

Pastel painting of a flower in O'Keefe-style detail.

A Walk to the Seashore - in Pastel!

This week our Paint Your ART Out students painted a lovely seashore scene in oil pastels on black paper.

We practiced creating moving water, foamy waves, and the illusion of distance. We also learned how to mix the colors of the sandy beach, bluish shadows, sea grasses, and realistic footprints.

Lovely results! Now we want to visit our little seashore getaway!!!

Saturday, July 09, 2016

Cartooning, Illustration, & Animae!

Week 5 of Summer ART Camp is all about Cartooning, Illustration, and Animae. The focus is on developing characters (including ourselves!) and creating comic story lines and situations.

Older kids will work on drawing skills, animae, and creating a personal avatar. I created mine (on the left) at http://www.faceyourmanga.com/ which we will also explore.

Younger kids will create their own cool characters, like this toothy little monster and possibly a few dinosaurs roaming our cities.

Here are more James RIZZI style animated skyscraper artwork created in our ART Adventures camp. What a fun way to bring inanimate objects to life! (Pretty silly too!) The 3-D effect really made these crazy cityscapes pop!




Tuesday, July 05, 2016

July Classes - Paint Your ART Out!

Paint with us in July for an 'ocean' view! We'll learn to paint light and how it interacts with the sea using a variety of paint media and techniques. Our July schedule (shown below) includes an acrylic painting on canvas, a watercolor painting, an underwater tempera painting, and an oil pastel painting. Try them all!

All of these projects are designed for ages 8 and up; no previous painting instruction or experience is required. 

Day: Thursdays
Time: 4:00-6:00 pm (sometimes until 6:30 for longer projects)
Ages: 8 and up - adults are welcome!
Fees: $15 per class or $50 for the full month ( save $10!)

July 7     

A Celebration! Reflections on the Sea 

Acrylic on canvas panel, 11" x 14"

July 14    

A Sunlit Beach

Wet-on-wet watercolor techniques

July 21 

Under the Sea - Ocean Life & Light 

Acrylic or tempera on paper

July 28 

A Walk Down to the Seashore 

Oil pastels on paper

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Britto Style Joy!

Romero Britto is a Brazilian artist who now lives in Miami and whose crazy, joyful artwork can be found throughout the area. Bright colors, zany patterns, cool and cute characters and critters!

We decided to try creating Britto-style art ourselves as part of our Abstract Action week. Some of our works were created with foam board, while the older artists spent all week building papier mache' creations from styrofoam sheets.

We are still in the process of completing some of these, but here are some samples of what we have done so far. I will add the others after they are completed.

Abstract Collage!

Mekina - tempera
Corban - tempera

This week we created painted abstract collages as part of our Abstract Action! theme. These were created by cutting painted paper into pieces then arranging and gluing them to a poster board.

The artists found that after the randomly painted paper is cut into squares or triangles, each piece becomes a tiny little painting by itself. Different artists could "see" different things in each piece such as tiny landscapes, giant fingerprints, ocean waves, the surface of the sun, and bubbles.

What do you see?

 Also, a few of the squares above were traded among the artists before gluing them into place, so that each piece became a collaborative work of art.
Tylee - watercolor  20" x 20"

Abstract Action!

Abstract art is non-representational art. Making abstract art means not trying to duplicate what you see, but just playing with colors, shapes, lines, forms, and patterns. In other words, just having fun! 

Abstract art is also fun to look at. You don't have to wonder what the artist is trying to say or what the art is supposed to look like or be, etc. etc. It's just visually entertaining or colorful or interesting or playful or cool or whatever comes to mind.

We made abstract art this week, starting with these interesting recycled paper weavings. These were created by all ages, from 4 to adult, and they were equally fun for everyone!

We borrowed this project idea from Art Lessons for Kids if you would like to make your own.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Howdy, Pardner!

During our first week of ART Camp, in keeping with our theme of "Westward Ho!" our ART Smart Kids designed cowboy boots!

These boot designs include some interesting stitching. Can you figure out how these stitching patterns were created?

Our younger students also made western style picture frames of themselves, which they wrapped with painted paper and gave to their daddies for Father's Day.

They also created beautiful collages of patterned teepees on painted landscape backgrounds.

Week 2: Abstract Action!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Out West! Native American Dioramas

During our first week of Summer ART Camp, our Art Adventurers designed Indian village dioramas, with miniature details. These were multi-media projects that included watercolor, cardboard construction, markers, tissue, and natural elements such as rocks, twigs, and leather - yes, real leather!

This project was a lot of fun - especially working in a 3-D format.