Saturday, February 24, 2018

Ice Skaters

The 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea have been a big subject of conversation at the art center these past two weeks.    Our students have enjoyed snow boarding, skiing, & bobsledding. However, ice skating seems to be the most popular with our students: ice hockey, speed skating, and especially figure skating! So... our Paint Your ART Out class created Winter Olympics-themed artwork that celebrated ice skating.   
This is a mixed media project that involves several different processes including pattern design, watercolor/oil pastel resist, collage, and construction with unusual elements (aluminum foil and craft sticks). So, yes, art class gets quite messy as you can see in this photo. 
First the skates are cut out from black or white poster board. We also punched holes for our yarn laces and we decorated the skates with markers. We then wrap and shape a strip of foil around a craft stick, glue it down, and glue to the bottom of a skate, and repeat. 
Next, we lay the skates on a piece of white construction paper, rearranging until the skates are posed to skate! Using a pencil, we add the legs, usually one straight and one bent in front or behind the other. Knees are essential for the bent legs! 
Using oil pastels, outline the legs and add one or more interesting patterns to indicate tights, socks, and/or leggings, and maybe a skirt. Fill in the patterns with watercolor to create the pastel resist, allow to dry, and cut out the legs. 

Place the legs and the skates on a piece of light blue or grey construction paper. Note: It's okay if the skates extend beyond the edges of the background paper. When you like the arrangement, glue it down!

We also created simple Olympic 'stickers' to add to our commemorative 2018 Winter Olympic artwork! 

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