Wednesday, January 08, 2020

A Snowy Collage

January is a great time for creating winter-themed art, so this week our Wednesday afternoon Adult Open Studio art class created these lovely Snowy 'Quote' collages. 

The art process involved many steps, including wet-in-wet watercolor, paint scraping, and painting tree silhouettes, which took a bit of practice.

We created our compositions and added a 3-dimensional quality (as an option) using foam 3-D dots. 

We used the dots to attach our assembled birch trees over our snowy scenes. The we added iridescent glitter throughout our snowy scenes. 

The last step was to select a 'snowy quote' to cut out, arrange, and glue to the artwork to complete the collage.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions, see our earlier post for this project right here: Snowy North Artwork.

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