Saturday, January 04, 2020

Snowmen Having FUN!

This is not your typical snowman art. 

These snowmen are on the  move, having fun, and getting into plenty of mischief!

Our snowman art is based on the lovely illustrations of Mark Buehner in Snowmen at Night and Snowmen at Christmas. 

This fun art project is all about what snowmen do at night (imagination) while showing action (movement in art), and using soft pastel for shading (volume drawing)  and less common visual angles (perspective).

We started by looking at the books and making observations about the story line and the artwork, such as use of nighttime shading and highlights, depicting action, and unconventional angles. 

Then we decided what our snowmen would be doing and we roughly laid them in with swirls of white chalk.

We drew the moon on one side of the sky to guide us as we added shading and highlights to our snowmen. Then we shaded each ball of snow along the edge away from the moon with the side of a blue and/or purple soft pastel.

We filled in white on the moonlit side, and continued to add color and blend lightly with our fingers for soft shadows. 

We added snowman details such as carrot noses, eyes, buttons, skinny stick arms, and hats. 

Then we added details such as tennis rackets, jump ropes, a snow cone stand, piles of snowballs, a tire tube, and a toboggan! 

Lastly, we added to the illusion of motion and action by completing a background of icy wind, swirling snow, and wind-blown hats!

In the scene below, we see snow parents piggy-backing their snow children while enjoying the Northern Lights!
(These last two are my samples.)

Thanks to A Faithful Attempt for this awesome art project idea!

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