Friday, January 31, 2020

Animals in Snugly Sweaters

Demery's Bunny in a Sweater

Our forest animals are snugly warm in these colorful sweaters! (Yes, these are snugly, not ugly sweaters, mind you.)

This entire project is done in ink, with the exception of the lightly penciled in animal shape, which is erased after the image is inked in.

After sketching in the animal's head, and the neck and shoulders of the sweater, the facial features and fur are added to the head with Sharpies. 

Next, using the fine point Sharpie, the sweater is designed starting with the shape of the collar and adding horizontal lines across the sweater (curved slightly to show the shape of the body).

Then patterns are added between the lines, such as zigzags, swirlies, dots, stripes, and simple shapes like trees and snowflakes. 

Now it is time to carefully fill in the sweater patterns with brightly colored Crayola or watercolor markers.

Last step: erase all pencil marks with a big soft eraser.
Sara's Wolf in a Sweater
Alyssa's Fox in a Sweater

Asean'ee's Raccoon in a Sweater

Bear in a Sweater 
Raccoon in a Sweater 

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