Thursday, July 30, 2020

Feed the Birds!

This week our young artists made bird feeders. What a great way to invite
songbirds into our yards, so we can watch... and draw them!

Our older kids used natural materials to create their bird feeders.  They selected a wood base and additional materials that appealed to them.

First they drilled holes in the corners or around the edges for the hangers (yes, we used power tools!) and began to plan their designs.

They needed to design a barrier to keep the seed from blowing off the feeder, then build from there. We used glue guns to attach each component.

After creating this pine cone barrier, this artist wrapped it and jute and then added sticks, swirly wire, and beads for a colorful, funky look.

The next step is to add a hanger using wire or jute or twine. Some chose to incorporate beads into their hangers or even to wrap colorful jute around the hanger wire.  

The hangers were attached by slipping the ends through the drilled holes in the base, then wrapping the end around a short twig to hold it in place. The trick is to then balance the feeder so that it's level when connecting the wire at the top.

Last step. Each artist filled a bag with birdseed to take home and feed the birds! 

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