Thursday, July 16, 2020

Painting our own Face Masks!

We made "wearable art" by painting and personalizing our own fashionable face masks!

We started with a simple white mask with a filter pocket sewn into the back. We first transformed the mask into a mini-canvas by temporarily placing a piece of cardboard inside the pocket. Then we lightly sketched our designs on the front of the masks.

Next, using acrylic paint, we painted the basic shapes with color (or left the mask white). 

Then we added outlining and details as desired, such as the scales on this dragon face mask.

I gave very little instruction for this project because the kids already seemed to know exactly what they wanted to do!

I loved all of their unique ideas! 

Here is an abstract design. 

This is an interesting face mask idea!

A couple of the kids painted masks for their younger siblings too.
Once the paint was dry, we removed the cardboard from the pocket and squeezed the side edges together while holding the ear ties taunt. Then we tied the ends of the ties together to fit around the ears.

I sewed all of these masks from white cotton fabric (bleached muslin) using this simple pattern and two stretchy weaving loops. 

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