Saturday, July 11, 2020

Paintings in Nature Frames


We made these tiny watercolor paintings in 3-D nature frames!

I know! Aren't they awesome?

Here's what we did:

First, using tempera paint, we sponge- painted the frames, which were cut from corrugated cardboard. While the paint dried, we collected nature items to glue on with Tacky glue. 

Then we painted. We traced the inside of our frames on one end of  9" x 12" watercolor paper, then traced it again on the other end, leaving an inch around each rectangle.  This was so we could create two different watercolor paintings. 

Our first was a linear landscape with an old fence. Then we painted a woodsy scene of birch trees using masking tape.

We chose our favorite little painting and taped it into our frame.

The rest of our little paintings could be used for other things - like greeting cards, post cards, or to frame at home! 

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