Sunday, June 24, 2018

A Hilly Landscape

These rolling hills feature a ribbon of highway that hugs the coast  to create an interesting perspective. This unusual view was a fun and fascinating project for all of our artists, ages 6-16!

To create this painting, we first talked about one- and two-point perspective.  The hills would act as an interesting element to create the illusion of perspective as the road disappears in the distance.

Using a few instructions, the artists drew their hills and added the horizon line.  

They drew the road, a distant mountain, an island or two, and other details such as boats, clouds, or birds flying overhead, then traced over all of their lines with a black Sharpie.

Now it was time to paint.

We used cake temperas for this project. We wanted our work to look more like a watercolor painting, so we thinned the colors a bit. Cake temperas are so versatile! 

I love how they all put their own 'spin' on this project to create these unique paintings.

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