Thursday, June 07, 2018

Abstract Collage Art

This abstract watercolor collage art is so lovely - and yet so simple! I've found it equally suitable for all ages, kinders, teens, and adults alike.

The first step is to simply paint. We used scraps of watercolor paper left over from other projects. 

We drizzled, dabbed, and splattered. We painted squiggles and zigzags and we tried wet-on-wet and let the paint bleed. We made new colors. We used bright colors (no brown or black) and we did not make mud. 

Once all of our little paintings were done we dried them (blow dryers are fun!) and then we cut them into triangles: fat skinny, large and small. It didn't matter. 

Then we fit them together on the square poster board substrate like a puzzle and carefully glued them down. Rules: no pieces may touch, and leave some substrate showing around the outer edges of the piece.

Part of the appeal of this project is its large size, I believe. So much fun to take home a huge piece of beautiful art to display! One of our artists was sure his piece will be hung in a museum.

My sample, on black poster board, 17.5" x 17.5"

Thanks to Like a Musical Ride for this great project idea!