Sunday, June 24, 2018

City Lights and Countrysides

Our Budding Artists created big city lights! 

This awesome cityscape started with a painted blue sky filled with swirls. Then a big yellow moon and stars (we have a stamp for that).

Next, the street and the big buildings were cut out of black paper and glued over our night skies.

Finally, we glued brightly colored windows to the buildings!

                              These colorful countrysides were created by our Friday afternoon Art Adventures class. Our goal was to view the fields and farms from a "bird's eye" point of view.

We learned to apply paint with a palette knife while creating this project. 

First we drew our horizon line and two or three more lines below it. Then we added uneven vertical lines between them.      

We painted the sky, scraping on a few white clouds with a palette knife. This artist also added a moving river and white water along the bottom of her painting. 

They painted their lines using a mixture of blue and black paint, then filled in the spaces with lots of colors, most of which they mixed themselves. Then they painted and scraped patterns like stripes and spots. 

Finally, they added details like birds and tractors and trees. 

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