Saturday, June 30, 2018

Bottle Top Grid Art!

Our ART Adventurers made these awesome recycled art projects using ordinary bottle caps!

We only had two hours, so our 3 x 3 grids contained nine squares. Adding just one row each way would mean 16 squares, so nine squares was just right.

We started by dividing a 9" x 12" piece of watercolor paper into twelve 3" x 3" squares and painting each section with acrylic craft paint. We mixed each color, creating our own tints, tones, and shades. 

After the paint was dry, I cut the best portion of each 3" x 3" painted square into a 2" x 2" painted tile. The artists then drew a quick square around each tile with oil pastels using one or two analogous or complementary colors. 

The artist then selected her favorite 9 tiles and carefully arranged and glued them to a piece of 6" x 6" corrugated cardboard.

Now it was time for the artist to select nine bottle caps and glue each to the center of a tile with white glue. Some bottle caps were glue on upside down, some right side up. Some were also painted prior to gluing. We found it easiest to smear the glue onto a plastic lid to dip the lids an other items into. 

Now the fun part!

Our artists thoughtfully selected marbles, trinkets, jewels, beads, shells, tiles, and other treasures to glue to their bottle caps for tiny surprises hidden throughout the artwork. 

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