Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dragon Eyes!

Our young artists have a 'thing' about dragons, so they had a great time designing and creating these amazing life-size dragon eyes!

We studied a few animal eyes and dragon eye samples. Then they selected their media, such as pastel on black or colored sulphite paper, or Sharpies with paint on watercolor paper.  

Our painters sketched the basic shape of the eye, then added additional details with Sharpies. This artist started with a wash of watercolor inside the eye, then continued with the scales and other details.

Watercolors are added to each section while attempting to mix slight variations in shades from shape to shape.

This artist brought along his own original drawing of a dragon, which he used to help illustrate the eye in detail, again in watercolor. 

Tempera paint was used for this dragon eye. The artist mixed a  variety of color tints for the scales surrounding her dragon eye to create a mosaic of lovely colors. 

This artist chose to use soft pastels on black sulphite paper to create this stunning dragon eye. She used black oil pastel for the deep shadows and white oil pastel to sharply define the edges of the frills around the eye.

Violet sulphite paper and oil pastels were chosen for this  artwork. The artist created a variety of textures, dynamic shapes, and layered colors to create this awesome dragon eye!  

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