Friday, March 01, 2019

Let Them Draw Cake!

Drew's Fancy White Cake

Who doesn't love cake???

This week's Wednesday open studio artists created these lovely slices of cake. 

First we examined a few of contemporary artist Wayne Thiebaud's paintings of cakes, pies, and sandwiches as they would be displayed or served in a restaurant. 

We found that he painted a lot of cakes, so we decided to paint cake too.

We sketched the cake lightly in pencil on a piece of black sulphite paper, making sure that the cake wedge was large enough and the perspective looked right.

Then we created our palette by choosing oil pastels to match the colors in our subject. We filled in the color, remembering to add shadows, highlights, and light reflections.

Lastly, we added a plate for our cake to live on.

Kevin's Red Velvet Cake
Charlee's Strawberry Cheese Cake
Pumpkin Pie
Carrot Cake
Cora's Rainbow Cake with Roses (age 6)
Margie's Chocolate Cake with Raspberries

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