Friday, March 22, 2019

More Spring Break ART Camp

At Spring Break ART Camp, we created our own Aurora Borealis  Northern Lights. This cool art project idea was suggested by one of our young students, and it was a hit!

The aurora was created with soft pastels rubbed and smeared vertically from the torn edge of a piece of paper. Then we drew three horizontal lines to create a hilly horizon line and the far and near banks of a river. We added more soft pastel into the river area and smeared it with our fingers to represent colorful reflections in moving water. 

Then we moved to the paint table and added our snowy hills and river banks. We also added a few thin lines in the river to create moving water. Finally, we splattered the entire painting to create stars, or maybe a snow storm! This project involved a lot of processes and was really fun for everyone. 

We would like to thank Elements of the Art Room for this great art project idea, which I have adjusted slightly for younger students. 

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