Saturday, March 16, 2019

Drawing, Part 3: Drawing TOYS!

One way to encourage children to draw is to provide observational drawing opportunities. Children want to draw real things. Observational drawing does not discourage imaginative drawing; it enhances it. Children want to learn how to draw their world and the things within it. 

The trick is to provide subjects that they are interested in and would enjoy looking at for their drawings. 

We chose toys!

 We used Sharpies instead of pencils. 

This meant lines could not be erased and perfection was not a priority. 

Artists needed to be bold! 

Drawings also needed to be large. And our goal was to fill the paper with objects. 

Everything needed to be filled with color using any media desired. Artists used markers, colored pencils, and some used chalk pastels for soft textures or furry coats.

Backgrounds could be colored or left plain. 

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