Sunday, March 17, 2019

Drawing, Part 4: Cartooning

Any kid who loves art and has Internet access is probably familiar with Art Hub for Kids - a series of YouTube follow-along drawing lessons for children. 

Rob is the artist/instructor who has four kids of his own, one of whom draws right along with him in each episode. 

The subjects are fun to draw and the lessons are super positive. 

There is always room for self-interpretation and variation. 

Older children who want to learn cartooning skills can do so by following along with Rob. 

These are the drawings we worked on for St. Patrick's Day using Art Hub for Kids. 

When folded, the leprechaun is hidden. Unfold and he pops out of a pot of gold!

Our young artists were pretty excited about the results. 

Rob encourages children to draw while having a great time! What could be better?

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