Saturday, April 28, 2018

Kandinsky Abstracts!

Every so often you've gotta make some abstract art! 

Over the years I've learned to get the juices flowing by introducing a few of  Kandinsky's abstract works, such as his Composition 8, shown here. 

Born in 1866, Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky was an
abstract expressionist. He often used clean lines and graphic-like images to create his abstract paintings.  He decided as a young artist that shapes and colors alone could be the  subject of his art.

Often very playful, his art incorporated geometrical shapes, circles and dots, checkerboard patterns (sometimes skewed), angles, and a few organic shapes and squiggles just to change things up. His colors could be subtle, bright, or bold. No rules!

After taping our watercolor paper to our boards, we traced a variety of items to create geometric shapes all over the composition. Some did this randomly; others considered and planned every shape, line, and pattern very carefully. We then placed strips of masking tape randomly through and across the design.

Next, we painted. We randomly filled in our designs with lots of watercolor: bright colors, bold colors, and subtle colors. After the paint was dry, we carefully removed the tape (not the tape on the edges) and added bold lines and other details. Some lines went right over the previously taped areas. 

Once the composition was complete, we erased any remaining pencil lines within the white areas and removed the tape from around the edges.

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