Sunday, April 15, 2018


This week we created little versions of ourselves: mini-me's, avatars, personal cartoon characters, self-animations, our own clones, or ??? 

Mine was my own little mini-me. I set her right up in the front of the room so that when my back was turned, she could watch over things for me. 

Our mini-people were first pencil-drawn on the plain (not shiny) side of a piece of poster board. My mini-me is about 18 inches tall, which is taller than she looks from across the room. The kids were surprised when I stood a 12 " ruler next to her! I encouraged them to draw theirs large as well, and that was a big challenge. (Kids almost always draw things too small.)

We worked on many different skills while completing this project. We started with drawing a large head; a bit larger compared to the body than a real person, since this would be a cartoon-like character. Then we worked on drawing the body -it didn't have to be realistic. Then we added basic clothing.

After the figure was drawn, we learned how to mix a flesh tone with our 8-color Prang watercolor trays (orange, a bit of red, a tiny bit of blue, and lots of water). We painted the faces, necks, hands and arms, then filled in the clothing, shoes, and hair. 

After they were dry, we outlined our "selves" with black Sharpies, and used personal mirrors to study our faces, which we drew in with Sharpies and colored markers. 

Then we carefully cut out our mini-selves and finished them up by adding various personal embellishments, adding hair and fashion design to our project skills. Some artists also created additional outfits and accessories.

The kids in our Thursday afternoon art class all agreed this was their "favorite art project so far!"  


Robert's mini-me has glasses, sunglasses, a hat, two sets of clothing,
an apron, a paint brush, an art book, and a bag of snacks! 

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