Saturday, April 21, 2018

Wearable Woven Art

These "wearable weavings" were created by our Paint Your ART Out class. 

The idea was inspired by Native American weavings and beadwork.

What's interesting about this wearable weaving is that the loom  becomes part of the artwork. The weaving remains on the small cardboard loom, which is decorated to complement the woven art using markers and Sharpies. Holes are then punched into the loom to string beading along the bottom and a necklace to the top.

This was a first weaving experience for some of our young artists.

The kids loved the soft feel of their growing weavings as they selected a variety of different yarn textures and colors for their work. They quickly learned to avoid pulling each row of weft too tightly and to push each new row up next to the last one.  

Each artist created a blanket-like bit of woven artwork with different textures that beg to be touched!

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