Friday, April 27, 2018

Still Life by Little Artists!

This week we created still life paintings. What is a still life? Many of our young artists didn't know, or weren't quite sure. So, we walked around the studio to look for examples of still life art. We found several paintings of flowers in a vase and we found a painting of fruit in a bowl. The children decided a still life is a group of interesting objects arranged on a table waiting to become a painting!

Our Little Artists created two paintings. The first was a study of various pieces of fruit. The idea was to chose some fruit and look at it carefully. Using cake temperas, our goal was to paint the shape of the fruit using the color(s) of the fruit. The position of the fruit didn't matter.

Their fruit paintings are shown here.

The second painting was a floral arrangement in a vase. Yes, really!

The children selected their favorite flowers (this took time; we have a LOT of silk flowers) and a pretty vase. They arranged their flowers, set them on the painting table, and began to paint!

Here are their beautiful paintings. Notice how well they matched the colors and how they filled their compositions with flowers!

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