Sunday, April 29, 2018

Mixed Media Still Life

Paint Your ART Out painted still life art this week. 

They selected a small section, maybe 5 objects, from a very large still life arrangement set in the middle of the table. This arrangement included flowers, candlesticks, a bubblegum dispenser, fruit, bottles, mugs, and other interesting things. 

They drew each object from front to back, remembering to overlap near objects over background objects, and some remembering to place near objects somewhat nearer the bottom of the paper. 

They then moistened the paper with a clean wet paintbrush and went over all of their lines the point of a skewer dipped in India ink. This part was great fun, and also a little scary! Some of the ink bled on the wet paper for some very interesting effects. 

Now it was time to watercolor our still life art. It didn't matter what  the original colors were; in fact, I encouraged them to change the colors any way they desired.

Next, it's time to add one more medium - pastel! We added a few lines and details using oil pastel. Another option is to add a few splashes of color with soft pastels.

I went with oil pastels because they don't smear on the completed piece.

Our thanks to KinderArt for this great project idea!

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