Friday, April 06, 2018

More Wild Rabbits!

The Rabbit

Long listening ears
Wide watchful eyes
What is that he hears?
Alert for hungry spies!

Delicious grass to eat
Munching, filling tummy
Dandelions sweet
Buttercups so yummy!

No time to relax!
Must always be aware!
Enjoy those nature snacks
With the quickness of a hare!

This week our after school club and Thursday afternoon art class created even more wild rabbits! These are tempera paintings on heavy white paper, 12" x 18" or larger. I just love the unique expression on each rabbit's face (including the ears)!

The poem describes a hungry yet wary rabbit. Poetry is such an amazing art form - it can beautifully describe a painting! So together we plan to create a few more poems to accompany some of our future artwork!

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