Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Earth Day Art Ideas

The EARTH without ART is just 'EH.' So true!

In fact, nature is full of patterns and beauty that is art in its purest form.

Nature's art can be seen everywhere; in plants, trees, fish, animals, seashells, insects, minerals - even the Milky Way!

To celebrate Earth Day, let's take some time to see the beauty in our natural surroundings. Many artists celebrate nature through art by using natural objects to create environmental art (also called ephemeral art.) Click here to see a slide show about environmental art-making. Slide 11 has some tips for creating your own environmental art. Please take pictures of your artwork, disregard #5 on the slide, and email your photos to us for our Earth Day art gallery.

Younger students might enjoy creating this sweet Four-Seasons tree art that is made from natural items found your own backyard! Super cute! (From Red Ted Art.) 

They might also enjoy making these Nature Weavings! We made these at Summer Art Camp a few years back, and our young artists absolutely loved making them!

Older kids might want to visit Buggy and Buddy to learn how to make natural book markers using pressed leaves and flowers. These are really beautiful and you probably have everything you need at home. (Tip: you can use clear packing tape or contact paper to laminate your book markers.)

Also at Buggy and Buddy, you can learn how to use a stick as a painting canvas! Could you turn this into a jewelry tree?

Let's make ART that celebrates our beautiful earth!
To learn more about Earth Day you can visit -   https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2020/

Now it's time to get silly and create your own Silly Personal Alphabet!

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