Monday, April 06, 2020

Easter Egg Art

With Easter right around the corner, let's create some beautiful Easter eggs! 

These beautiful egg decorating projects are based on Ukrainian dyed eggs, commonly called Pysansky, as seen here. 

There are many different types of media and methods you can use to create your Pysansky eggs. Try the best one for you:

This is an easy, oil or wax resist method for younger children that uses crayons or oil pastels on heavy white paper (drawing, watercolor, or any other heavy paper), liquid watercolor, cake or thinned tempera paint, and a big paint brush. You can find step-by-step instructions for this BIG decorated egg right here

This resist method is a little more elaborate. It involves layering various colors of liquid watercolor or food dye between layers of white wax crayon patterns. You'll need a heavier watercolor paper paper for this one. How-to's are found at Alpha Mom

You can also try drawing and decorating your eggs in oil pastels (or construction paper crayons) on black construction paper. Check Kinder Art for instructions.

You can also try colored chalk on black construction paper. You simply dip the chalk in water to bring out the vibrant colors. I found colored chalk at the local dollar store. Learn more at K8Art.

Here's a fun little project that is very open-ended and that you can do with just about any art supplies at all. Simple little chicks and eggs make this adorable piece of art that could be made into a card.
Find step-by-step instructions at Krokotak

Want more Easter project ideas? You can Draw & Paint a Bunny  or try typing 'Easter' in the Search this Blog field above for even more Easter art projects to choose from!

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