Friday, April 03, 2020

More Family Drawing Games

Colorful Pencils PNG Clipart Picture | Pencil png, Colored pencils ...These are collaborative drawing games: everyone works together to create and complete the drawings.

Click here for a printable version of Collaborative Drawing Games

Add-On Drawing Challenge
Materials: pencils, markers, or Sharpies + white copy paper

For three or more players. A great family game!

1)    Each player draws a simple shape on his/her paper, then passes it to the player on the right.
2)    The next player adds something to the drawing and passes it to the right.
3)    The third player continues to work on the drawing and passes it again to the right.
4)    Once it reaches the original player, he/she finishes it and gives it a title.
5)    If the group is small (2-3 players), pass the artwork around again!

You can set a timer and allow 30 seconds for each artist to work on the drawing, as an option.

Tandem Drawing
Materials: Markers or Sharpies + a piece of white copy paper folded in half and opened

For two players.

Players start somewhere on the center fold with Sharpie (or marker) points touching.
Begin drawing and following each other so that each side of the drawing is a mirror image of the other; or somewhat symmetrical. Stay on your own side of the page. You must be fast if you want to be the drawer, otherwise you will always be the copier or follower. The faster you draw, the better. Attempt to create a symmetrical drawing of “something,” not just an abstract drawing.  This could become a landscape, seascape, a room, the top of a dresser, or (???)

Mind Reader Drawing
Materials: Markers or Sharpies + a piece of white copy paper folded in half and opened

For two players.

On GO, players each draw on their side of the paper, whatever they want. The trick is, they must follow along and draw what the other drawer is drawing. No talking. Not only are they duplicating one another’s drawings, but they are drawing it simultaneously as though they know what the other drawer is about to do next.  The question is, who is following who? Each player must constantly watch what the other is drawing, so that when they are done their drawings will be duplicates of one another.

Next, let's Fill Up the Paper and draw - draw - draw!

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