Thursday, April 02, 2020

Family Drawing Games

Let's start with some easy drawing games. These games and activities are designed for students ages 6 to 10 years of age and their families. 

These are unique, entertaining activities that help develop creative thinking, imagination, self-expression, and observational skills while having fun as a family. 
Rest assured, we've 'tested' these games for awesomeness in our art classes

These games can be played using a stack of copy paper and pencils (graphite or colored) and/or Crayola markers. If you happen to have white boards and dry erase markers, all the better! Kids love them!

Click here for a printable version of Easy Drawing Games.

What am I drawing? Small white boards or paper
Everyone draws - no thinking, just draw! Take turns guessing what each person has drawn. This is a good warm-up game.

What’s wrong with my drawing? Large white board
One drawer; take turns. Game (A) The drawer must draw what the guessers request. The drawer makes a (purposeful)(silly) mistake. When the guessers see it, they shout STOP and point out the mistake and everyone laughs. Game (B) The drawer draws a subject of his own choice. After someone guesses what the drawing is, the drawer continues drawing as above.

What am I feeling? Large white board
One drawer; take turns. Game (A) Faces - Draw a circle and draw a face in the circle that shows a feeling. Guess what it is! Joy? Sadness? Anger? Surprise? Fear? Sleepiness? Boredom? Confusion? Silliness? Game (B) Bodies – Draw an entire body in a way that expresses a feeling through gesture. Exaggerate the gesture to help show the person's feelings.

Shapes to drawings. Small white boards or paper
Everyone starts with the same basic shape. Now they must turn it into something that is recognizable. What did we draw? Now, using the same shape, try again, this time see if you can draw something new and unique that no one else draws!

What are WE drawing? Large white board, small white boards or paper 
Group drawing. Choose a leader, who leads a group drawing one step at a time until a player guesses what the group is drawing. Finish the drawings individually as an option, or start over with a new drawing leader.

Still life guesswork drawing. Small white boards or paper
Have a selection of simple items on a table. Game (A) Each artist chooses an item to draw without moving it or telling anyone what it is. After everyone is finished drawing, each person displays their drawing and the group guesses which item they have drawn. Game (B) Each artist draws something that is anywhere in the room. It is okay to move around the room to find something to draw. The object can be any size; large or even very small. Can the group guess what it is?

Next up, Collaborative Family Drawing Games!

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