Monday, April 20, 2020

Wildlife in the City

Every cloud has a silver lining! That means that when life gets hard, sometimes a little good comes with it too.  
We might be "bummed" about having to stay home, but maybe staying home has given our Earth a rest. The air is cleaner than it has been in decades because cars and airplanes aren't polluting the air.  Even better, wild animals have been leaving their hiding places to explore cities and towns all over the world, like the mountain goats above in LLandudno, Wales.
Without all the people and cars and noise to scare them away, all sorts of wildlife has been spotted wondering through our deserted streets, parks, and yards. In Nara, Japan, spotted deer park wander the streets; and in Colorado, these adorable bobcats are taking a sunbath on a porch.

The idea of wildlife in the city gave me an idea for a fun art activity that we could do to commemorate Earth Day. Why not use photography to celebrate our wildlife? Let's search for wild animals in our neighborhoods and take pictures of them to create artwork. So, how do we do that? 
Hmm... wild animals often visit at night and don't always want to pose for pictures. They may not be as easy to find as the spotted deer in Japan.  If you can't find a wild animal to photograph, maybe we could create our own wild animal "visits" for our project! 

Do you have any plushies or toy animals that look somewhat realistic? Gather them up and place them in your backyard to appear as wild visitors! Try a few different hiding places and positions. Snap pictures from various angles until you get the perfect shot! 
In these examples, I found a bald eagle in the tree in my backyard, a little fox next to my gate, and a moose hiding in the tall grass. Amazing!!!

Give this a try and send us your wildlife pics! You can email them to us or you can have your parents message them to the Art Center on FacebookWe will post your pics on a special online gallery. I can't wait to see your photos of "wildlife in the city!" (Especially your own backyard.)

Take a look! We have more Earth Day Art Ideas for you!!!

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